Healthy, Clean, Safe, and Beautiful - There's an Ap for That! Baltimore 311

Baltimore City has made it lots easier for US to help THEM manage 311 requests. Did you know that you can download the Baltimore 311 ap for both iPhone and Android? 

When you install it on your phone, it's easy to report problems when you see them. You can take a picture and the coordinates will go to the City with your request. Then, you will get updates on the status of your 311 request right to the ap on your phone! AND you will have a record of all of your requests right on your phone to share at community meeting, with your neighbors, etc.

Rather just call 311?

Please do that, but ALSO register your Service Request Number with HPCA. It will only take a minute, but it lets us work more effectively with the City to get troubled spots under control. Bookmark this page, so you can come back quickly whenever you contact 311 about a problem in the community. You can also leave a message on the HPCA hotline, 443-982-3422.


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