The bylaws of the Association were last amended and approved at the March, 2105, General Membership Meeting. Proposed further revisions were presented at the October, 2017 General Membership Meeting. Prominent among the revisions are changes that better align the association with the digital economy and further safeguard the primacy of Howard Park community members in the administration of the HPCA.

Click on the PDF link below to read a summary in tabular format. 

Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws of the Howard Park Civic Association, Inc. (PDF)

 The amended Bylaws will be offered to the Membership for approval at the December 21, 2017 End-of-Year General Membership Meeting. Only members of the Association in good standing are eligible to vote for bylaws amendments. If you would like to share any comments or concerns with the HPCA Board, please e-mail

(Current, approved March, 2015) Bylaws of the Howard Park Civic Association, Inc. (PDF)

Bylaws Amendments 2015 Presentation (PDF)


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