History of the Ambassador

  • Ambassador opens its doors. Older sister of the Senator Theater on York Road. Both fashioned in the Art Deco style, designed by architect John J. Zink
  •  Last movie shown at the Ambassador

  • Various uses -- dance hall, roller rink, church
  • Purchased by Larry Gaston Enterprises, LLC from Power of Zion Walls (church).
2006 - 2011
  • Gutted, redevelopment never occurred, allowed to fall into disrepair during the Recession
  • Multiple citations from the City, on-going issues
  • CAST (Community Ambassador Strategic Taskforce) formed as a project of the Howard Park Civic Association (HPCA)
  • CAST Redevelopment plan developed as a springboard to beginning the process of revitalization
  • Community survey on use of Howard Park (HP) commercial district fielded by HPCA. Showed that residents of HP did not often frequent businesses. Lack of desired services, concerns for safety.
  • First fielding of print and online Ambassador Survey by HPCA. Strong endorsement of return to entertainment venue.
  • HPCA onducted formal Listening Campaign with BUILD. Survey results verified. Desire for a neighborhood people can be proud of and want to go out in emerged strongly.
  • CHAP (Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation) places Ambassador on its Special List to stay irredeemable loss of historic HP landmark
  • Ambassador placed in receivership with One House at a Time
  • Liberty Heights Corridor assessment published.
  • Howard Park Civic Economic Development Corporation (HPCEDC) submitted proposal for SLOTS funding to do a pre-purchase assessment. Not funded.
  • Ambassador given Historic Landmark designation (exterior)
  • Briefly returned by judge to investor, who scavenged the entryway for metal
  • Returned to receivership, placed with the Casey Group for auction
Present Revitalization Efforts

  • Mayor Catherine Pugh takes a strong interest. Designates funds for stabilization.
  • Mark Sissman of Healthy Neighborhoods to manage the sale, revitalization process for the City.
  • Ambassador Core Group of stakeholders formed to help CEDC represent and work in the community interest for Ambassador revitalization
  • Support gained from 41st district delegates, future bond bill
  • HPCEDC meets with ArtSpace (developer), Contemporary Arts (performing arts programming), and Creative Capital (organizer)
  • Support gained from 5th, 6th, and 8th district councilmembers
  • Councilman Schleifer (5th district, Ambassador home district) coordinates a meeting with Peter Hammen and BDC (Baltimore Development Corporation).


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