City Ranch Comes To Howard Park

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 City Ranch has been reviving the horse in Baltimore neighborhoods since 2007 when Ahesahmahk and Jean Dahn founded the non-profit. The  stated goal of the program is "to offer children and youth a positive focus, to challenge them to succeed, and put some fun in the "hood!"

"That works for us," said the residents of Howard Park as they welcomed City Ranch to their neighborhood in late November, 2013 for a community ride.

The visit was part of a larger effort to clean up the dumping ground that California Boulevard has become and return Hillsdale Park to useful life for the community. 

 Part of the vision for Hillsdale Park, a forgotten urban forest, is to provide a place for children to enjoy interacting with horses. City Ranch implements the Scouting curriculum which emphasizes the benefits of working with horses for nurturing self-confidence and learning responsibility, while at the same time getting exercise and having fun! 

The State of Maryland has provided capital funding to construct a small riding arena in Hillsdale Park. See the proposed location on the map below. (Pretty small - click ctrl+ to enlarge)


  About 45% of community families responding to a survey fielded by HPCA in the summer of 2013 said they would like to see horseback riding available close to home in Howard Park.
Other popular ideas were hiking trails, biking trails, and picnic facilities.
 None of these great things can happen, however, until we solve the problem of illegal dumping. The problem is mostly caused by landscaping and building contractors: household dumping is the minority problem. Please visit Our Hillsdale Park page. There, you will find a survey so you can provide YOUR input on how to put an end to this misuse of our amazing natural resource.  


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