Northwest Baltimore -- NEEDS An Ambassador! Howard Park community leaders bag groceries to highlight Hunger Awareness Month and support for community food banks provided by Klein’s ShopRite. Supermarket = JOBS! Click here to read more. First Howard Park Rain Barrel Workshop! Click the image to read more. Howard Park - A Healthy Neighborhood. Click here to read more. Find us on Facebook. Click here.
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The Howard Park Civic Association, Inc. (HPCA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, volunteer organization that offers community leadership and information to residents and businesses within Howard Park and the surrounding, Greater Northwest Neighborhoods of Baltimore City (GNNBC).

HPCA is committed to promoting and protecting the beauty, safety, stability, cleanliness, and social and economic viability of our neighborhoods by fostering alliances with the local residents, merchants, and government officials. HPCA’s primary interest is to represent the community interests as a single voice. 


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