HPCEDC Directors


Preston Greene has significant skill sets related to business processes, critical thinking, information systems, management reporting, personnel management, and online technologies. He has also been involved in real estate as an investor, builder and property manager for more than four decades. This professional experience has provided him with in-depth knowledge of real estate development and property management of both residential and commercial properties. He has been featured in numerous print and online media articles as the result of his leadership in working to bring a supermarket to Howard Park which had been a food desert for the prior 14 years.


In addition to his role as president of the HPCEDC, Preston also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Go Northwest Housing Resource Center and in an advisory capacity to HPCA as its immediate past president.


Jon Schladen brings the HPCEDC 15 years of experience in multiple aspects of communications and outreach for consumer, trade and government clients. He brings specialized expertise in project management, crisis communications planning, research and analysis of systems and programs, public and trade relations, and collaborating with multiple and diverse stakeholders.

Jon’s array of experience includes managing projects, developing and authoring strategic communications and crisis communication plans, being lead Public Information Officer (PIO) and addressing media relations and public information issues, training diverse groups of people, business model design, and consulting clients on and designing technology-oriented solutions. A driving force in the Liberty Wabash Presidents' Association Housing Survey, Jon was asked to join Preston on the Board of Directors of Go Northwest in 2017.


Muhammad Abdul-Aziz is no stranger to community work. He brings over 20 years of  experience focused in the areas of ethics, community service, and youth empowerment to his role as HPCEDC board chair. As a business owner, organizer, community leader, and youth activist, Muhammad has a well-rounded outlook on community development. His vision is a safe, productive, and progressive community. Muhammad also currently serves as President of the Howard Park Civic Association.


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