JOBS at ShopRite!

What you should know about getting a job at the  Howard Park ShopRite Supermarket

  • ShopRite accepts applications on an on-going basis to fill vacancies as they occur.
  • ShopRite will keep your application active for 90 days -- then you have to apply again. 
  • If ShopRite does not think you are a "match," you will NOT receive any feedback on why that might be the case. ShopRite does not have the resources to respond individually to each application. They get A LOT. 
  • If you haven't heard from ShopRite, call 410-578-3902 and staff can tell you what the status of your application is.
  • Remember, a supermarket is a retail operation! Weekend work is something you should EXPECT as part of your weekly schedule. If you are not available for weekend work (ever), you are not likely to get called for an interview.

Other Important Facts:

  1. Howard Park residents and residents of Northwest Baltimore, once qualified, will get PRIORITY consideration in hiring!!! 
  2. ShopRite now has 2 community coordinators on staff who live in the Howard Park community and are on the lookout for applications from community members.
  3. To be considered, you need to go through ShopRite's application process. 
  4. You have to apply ONLINE; there is no way to submit a paper application or resume.
  5. You also have to use a laptop or desktop computer. The application process won't work on a mobile device.
  6.  If you go to your local Enoch Pratt library branch, the librarians will be able to help you get online to do your application. Talk with them. They are there to HELP.
  7.  It will take 45-60 minutes to complete the application. It includes a series of questions to let ShopRite find out how you feel about customer service and working in a supermarket generally.
  8. If you have questions about the status of your application, as mentioned above, you can call ShopRite at 410-578-3902.   

Click HERE to start your application.   



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