JOBS at ShopRite!

See some of the ShopRite positions available at the new Howard Park store, scheduled to open in July, 2014.

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Timeline NOW, 2014: What you should know about getting a job at the new Howard Park ShopRite Supermarket

  • ShopRite continues to look for applicants. 
  • ShopRite will keep your application active for 90 days -- then you have to apply again.
  • If ShopRite does not think you are a "match" at the current time, you will NOT receive any feedback on why that might be the case. ShopRite does not have the resources to respond individually to each application. They get A LOT. E-mail, and we will try to find out for you, so you can apply more successfully in the future.
  • Remember, a supermarket is a retail operation! Weekend work is something you should EXPECT as part of your weekly schedule.
  • Follow the instructions below to optimize your application.
  1. Howard Park residents and residents of Northwest Baltimore, once qualified, will get PRIORITY consideration in hiring!!!

  2. To be considered however, you need to go through ShopRite's application process

  3. This process is being handled through ShopRite's PARKVILLE store, since there is no website for the Howard Park store as yet. (We don't expect the supermarket to open for business until JULY, 2014. The delay is because construction has been held up by the unusually cold weather we have been having!) 

How To Apply for a Job at the New ShopRite Supermarket in Howard Park

(Click this link to download instructions you can print out.)


  • Browse to
  • Click on "careers" at the top right of the home page.
  • Scroll down to the first link, "Current ShopRite Retail Career Opportunities," and click it.
  • You will come to a page with a triple dropdown.
  • From each dropdown, select (1) Maryland, (2) Parkville, (3) ShopRite of Perring Parkway.
  • Click on the "Apply Online" link that appears.
  • The next page has two tabs. Select the "Apply to a Location Near You."
  • On the page that comes up, re-enter the location information: State, Maryland; City, Parkville.
  • The page that follows lists all the jobs currently available at the Parkville store. 
  • YOUR GOAL IS TO GET YOUR INFORMATION IN THE SHOPRITE SYSTEM. Therefore, you can apply for ANY job. Do not worry if you don't see the job you want. Please make a note of which job(s) you applied for and the date. That information will help us identify your application to ShopRite.
  • The application is extensive and will take you between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. It has questions designed to measure your work ethic and general suitability for the customer-focused operation ShopRite strives to maintain. Don't rush or make smart answers. That approach will not get you considered!
  • Once you have finished the ShopRite application, browse to and fill out the form that comes up
  • We will alert ShopRite to your application for priority consideration.
  • If you have any difficulty, e-mail us at or call 443-982-3422443-982-3422

    *** IMPORTANT -- For HPCA to flag your application as that of a Howard Park or area resident for ShopRite, you need to provide HPCA with information about your application.

    To make this easier for you, please click here to fill out our ShopRite Referral Form once you have COMPLETED your ShopRite application.

PLEASE NOTE: The ShopRite application will take you from 45-60 minutes to complete. Give yourself time.

If you have problems, PLEASE e-mail (quickest response) or call the HPCA hotline, 443-982-3422443-982-3422 (response in about 2 business days)

We are committed to making sure our new supermarket brings good things to the people of Howard Park! 

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