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Past events

12/20/2018 HPCA 2018 End-of-Year General Meeting & Party
08/31/2018 District 8 Pop Up!
06/09/2018 Sponsor The GNNF!
06/09/2018 Greater Northwest Neighborhoods Festival
04/19/2018 Tomorrow at 7PM -- HPCA Spring General Meeting
04/12/2018 MD 41st District Candidate Forum TONIGHT!
03/31/2018 Tree Team Green Up
03/19/2018 American Injustice: Opportunity to Hear Bryan Stevenson
12/21/2017 HPCA 2017 End-of-Year General Meeting
12/10/2017 100 Black Men of Maryland Scholarship Brunch
12/05/2017 State of the 5th District Address -- Councilman Schleifer
11/29/2017 COFFEE WITH A COP EVENT to be rescheduled
11/29/2017 Coffee With a Cop
11/18/2017 It's Unacceptable! Get Screened
10/26/2017 GO-Northwest 10th Anniversary Gala
10/19/2017 AGENDA - HPCA Fall 2017 General Meeting
10/07/2017 Healthy Neighborhoods Community Festival
09/27/2017 GNNBC Town Hall
08/26/2017 2017 Homeowners' Property Tax Credit
08/01/2017 Greater Northwest Neighborhoods' National Night Out
04/07/2017 100 Black Men Gala
02/16/2017 HPCA Winter 2017 General Meeting
11/19/2016 It's Unacceptable!
11/12/2016 Just Two More Weeks!
11/05/2016 Farmer's Market Runs Saturdays Through November 26th
10/28/2016 Warm up Saturday Morning at the HPCA Farmer's Market!
10/22/2016 No plans for Saturday morning? Come out to the Howard Park Farmer's Market!
10/15/2016 First Annual Howard Park Unity Fest
10/15/2016 Tree Give-Away at Farmer's Market Tomorrow!
10/07/2016 Fall is here! Check out what you can get at the Howard Park Farmer's Market!
09/24/2016 Farmer's Market Continues Tomorrow!
09/20/2016 Join the Conversation
09/17/2016 Fall Tree Planting, Hillsdale Park North
09/17/2016 Howard Park Community Farmer's Market
09/10/2016 Remember our Saturday Farmer's Market Right Here in Howard Park!
09/03/2016 Saturday Morning Farmer's Market!
08/27/2016 Farmer's Market Tomorrow!
08/20/2016 Remember our Saturday Farmer's Market Right Here in Howard Park!
08/13/2016 Farmer's Market Continues Tomorrow!
08/06/2016 Saturday Morning Farmer's Market!
07/23/2016 Howard Park Community Farmer's Market
07/23/2016 Howard Park Farmer's Market re-GRAND OPENING!
06/14/2016 HPCA Early Summer 2016 General Meeting
04/29/2016 Arbor Day Events in Howard Park
04/23/2016 TOMORROW! Spring Clean-up Day in Howard Park
04/23/2016 Spring Clean-up Day in Howard Park
04/21/2016 HPCA Spring 2016 General Meeting
04/07/2016 Howard Parkers: Do you live SOUTH of Liberty Heights Avenue?
03/26/2016 Easter Smiles Extravaganza!
02/17/2016 FINAL Review! Calvin Rodwell Building & Site Layout
02/14/2016 Mystery Dinner Theater: "It Happened on Valentine's Day"
12/17/2015 HPCA End-of-Year Celebration 2015 - TONIGHT!
11/28/2015 Mystery Dinner Theater! "I'm Dreaming of a RED Christmas"
11/27/2015 Join us as We "Deck the Halls" to get ready for RED CHRISTMAS
11/15/2015 A Thanksgiving Community Outreach
11/14/2015 "I'm Dreaming of a RED Christmas" - Meet the Cast!
11/14/2015 Diabetes is a controllable disease!
11/05/2015 Senior Symposium
11/02/2015 Snow Shoveling Co-Op: Students 4 Seniors & Neighbors with Disabilities
10/24/2015 Fall Clean-up Day (Today) Clarification
10/24/2015 DUMPSTERS! We got 'em!
10/20/2015 Tenant Landlord Matters
10/15/2015 HPCA Fall 2015 General Meeting
10/10/2015 RESCHEDULED! Stuffing Time... No, it's not Thanksgiving YET!
10/10/2015 The Calvin Rodwell Mile
10/07/2015 TreeBaltimore Annual Meeting
09/26/2015 Northwest Healthy Neighborhoods Community Festival
09/26/2015 Neighborhood Clean-Up Day
09/25/2015 OUTDOOR Family Movie Night -- Encore!
08/15/2015 OUTDOOR Family Movie Night!
07/11/2015 Mondawmin Festival
07/07/2015 The Dorothy J Grand Opening
06/20/2015 Summer 2015 Rain Barrel Workshop
06/18/2015 2015 Spring Fundraiser Raffle!
04/26/2015 Walk the Talk: An Interfaith Response to Polluted Runoff
04/16/2015 HPCA Spring 2015 General Meeting & Elections
03/28/2015 Howard Park Energy Challenge!
12/18/2014 HPCA End-of-Year Celebration
10/16/2014 HPCA Fall 2014 General Meeting
09/27/2014 Fall Tree Planting -- Forest Park Golf Course (Hillsdale Park)
09/13/2014 Northwest Healthy Neighborhoods Community Festival
07/26/2014 Mortgage Delinquency Workshop (GO Northwest HRC)
07/19/2014 Homebuyer Workshop (GO Northwest HRC)
06/21/2014 Summer 2014 Rain Barrel Workshop
06/19/2014 HPCA General Meeting June 2014
06/03/2014 Candidate Forum - League of Women Voters
05/31/2014 Gardening and Strengthening Families Workshops
05/29/2014 ShopRite Supermarket Community Meeting
05/14/2014 Gubernatorial Forum
05/10/2014 Rain Barrel Workshop
04/28/2014 Mortgage Delinquency Workshop - "The Road to Recovery"
04/17/2014 HPCA General Meeting, Spring 2014
04/12/2014 23rd Annual Law Day for Seniors
03/26/2014 School Redesign Orientation
12/19/2013 HPCA General Meeting & End-of-the-Year Party
12/12/2013 End of Year Party -- Northwest Development Roundtable
11/29/2013 Howard Park Community Ride!
10/29/2013 Howard Park Community Listening Campaign
10/17/2013 HPCA General Meeting Fall 2013
09/04/2013 HPCA Executive Board Meeting
08/15/2013 HPCA General Meeting Summer II
06/20/2013 HPCA General Meeting Summer I
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