My wife and I took a walk this afternoon through one of the hidden jewels in our city, Hillsdale Park.

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  A Walk in the Park

My wife and I took a walk this afternoon through one of the hidden jewels in our city, Hillsdale Park.

The area is adjacent to another of the city’s jewels, the Forest Park Golf Course. This is an 
aerial view of the area.
Hillsdale Park is approximately 30 acres of parkland, accessible to the community via several cross streets.
This little beauty is bounded on the north by California Boulevard. 

Our walk in the park was quiet, disturbed only by bird song and a few deer. This is not an exaggeration. Walk only a few feet into this place and you will find an abundance of wildflowers, peace, and refreshment.

But, getting into this parkland is a bit of a challenge. It is hedged by a growing -- and remarkable in its diversity -- barrier of trash.

How much trash? A decent guess would be around 36,000 cubic feet of trash (~15 feet deep by ~ 3 feet high by ~ 800 feet long). That is A LOT of trash, and this estimate is only along the park edge from Howard Park to Oakhill Avenues.

It is mostly debris from landscaping contractors, but you don't have to look too far to find discarded toilets, couches, tires, a dog house (seriously) and a general load of “stuff.”

We are very concerned that, during the summer season, this area could become a tinderbox with tons of dried leaves and twigs waiting for a spark to ignite them.

Meanwhile, the problem just keeps growing and growing ... Growing to the extent that now, the dumpers are emboldened enough to dump the carcasses of entire cars! This horror is  immediately adjacent to a residential community. And yes, the citizens there did call the city!

People around here are tired of calling 311 and having our cases closed with nothing done! We have tried to clean it up ourselves, but it just keeps growing. And wheel barrels and shovels are just not enough. 

We want to thank our Councilwoman Helen Holton, and  Council President Jack Young for their support in this matter and we believe if we all pull together we will ultimately solve this problem and take back our park!

So what’s the purpose of this e-mail?  We want Hillsdale Park to be a real park. Here are some of the activities people told HPCA last summer they would like have.

To start the ball rolling, the State has provided a grant to build a riding ring for community and other children who are already enjoying the benefits of an equestrian program, City Ranch, at Liberty Elementary School and other schools around the city.   If you look very carefully at the map above, you will see within the boundaries of Hillsdale Park a very small red box. That is the size of the area a riding ring would encompass.

What else could we do? Just about anything people suggested on the survey above! 

But first we have to get the place cleaned up and KEEP it cleaned up! Have an idea to share about putting an end to dumping in our Hillsdale Park? Please take HPCA's  short poll if you haven't weighed in on this problem yet.

A Friend of Hillsdale Park
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