Take Back Hillsdale Park!

How do we stop DUMPING in Hillsdale Park along California Boulevard?!  Please take our QUICK POLL to weigh in on strategies!

This group of photos BELOW depicts both the potential, and the current reality of Hillsdale Park. As you can see from the bird's eye view, Hillsdale Park consists of the Forest Park Golf Course, a small, wooded park to the north and approximately 34 acres of urban forest on the south. Just a few feet into this forest is natural wonderland. Hillsdale Park is part of the Gwynns Falls watershed and provides a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife -- deer are plentiful and a red fox was recently observed. 

The perimeter of the forest is something else. Contractors habitually dump both building and landscape debris along the perimeter. People can deceive themselves that the woody debris they dump will just "go back to nature," that that isn't the result. It provides an impetus for MORE dumping -- "once a dump," and creates a refuge for rodents, and, in dry weather, a serious fire hazard.

We have new investment from the State of Maryland to bring an equestrian program to Hillsdale Park and both the Forest Park Golf Course (adjacent) and Baltimore Scouting Initiatives are in the process of discussing what sort of recreational possibilities the park could provide for people of all ages. The City of Baltimore has, and will continue, to help us clean up California Boulevard, but the problem remains, HOW DO WE KEEP IT THAT WAY?  Please share your ideas and insights. In addition to taking our quick poll, please e-mail mypark@howardparkca.org and let us know what you think!
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Tentative size and location of proposed equitation ring. HPCA is working with Parks and Recreation to evaluate environmental impact and logistics of access and use.

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