Did your last water bill seem VERY high for no reason?

01/28/2014 9:00 PM | Manon Schladen (Administrator)
Crazy High Water Bill?

Don't just assume it's the new storm water fee!


  • 01/28/2014 9:07 PM | Manon Schladen (Administrator)
    Several Howard Park community members have received extremely high water bills the last quarter (3-4 times higher than their previous quarter).

    The new storm water fee HAS gone into effect and how much you are assessed depends on the size of your property. However, the fee is itemized on your bill and the Baltimore Department of Public Works has told Howard Park Civic Association that the storm water fee should NOT create this kind of increase.

    If you have received a higher bill than expected, the City encourages you to ask for a hearing. Follow the steps below:
    1) Call the water department at 410-396-5398 and tell them you will be requesting a hearing to question your bill.
    2) THEN, mail a written request asking for a hearing to:
    Bureau of Water and Wastewater
    Utility Billing Section
    404 Abel Woman Municipal Building
    200 Holiday Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Make sure you include your name, contact information and account number. KEEP A COPY OF YOUR REQUEST. They will contact you by mail in 4-5 weeks. Mark your calendar so you can check back if you don’t hear from them.
    Several neighbors have already requested a hearing. One neighbor HAD his hearing recently and his water bill was REDUCED! It happens!!
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  • 01/28/2014 9:09 PM | Manon Schladen (Administrator)
    If you would like help with filing your appeal with the City, send an e-mail to mmschladen@howardparkca.org and someone will be in touch!
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