So, what’s in the trash on your street?

This is a serious question. Really! What kind of trash is on your street? And to find out what’s in the trash on your street, you’re going to have move out of your comfort zone a bit. You’re going to have to turn off your TV, or your computer, grab a plastic bag and walk your street. Just your street for two blocks, That’s it. Just spend 10 minutes, unhooked from whatever it is you are hooked too and get your butt onto your street! And if you see a politician grab him or her and ask them to spend 10 minutes with you.

You will be amazed at what you find, or maybe you will be saddened by it. Both are appropriate reactions.

My wife and I did this on Milford Ave, we walked three short blocks for a total of 15 minutes waving at neighbors, admired the care some of our neighbors took with their lawns.  I could have set a level on one of our neighbor’s shrubs and found the bubble at dead zero. 

But this note is about trash, not about lawn care. At the end of this 10 minute walk we had accumulated this bag full of trash.

Let me put this another way--THAT’S A FULL BAG OF TRASH! And this trash was put there by someone other than the residents of Milford Ave. At least we hope so. 

What was the trash composed of? Nothing spectacular, no spent AK 47 shell casings, no syringes, no glassine envelopes encrusted with dope, it was common ordinary trash: Fast food  wrappers, beer cans, paper products, the normal stuff that makes up trash. The stuff that any person driving about in their car wants to get rid of, because, well they don’t want it messing up their car!. So they dump it on us, and what do we do? We tolerate it! We let it happen. We complain and we sigh, and we say the City isn’t doing enough. But what is the city not doing enough of? Cracking down on these serial dumpers? Pulling them over for tossing a McDonald’s bag out their window!!?  At some point, we have a role to play in how our neighborhood looks, and how we react to the degradation of the place where we live. At some point we must begin to clean up our own mess!

So what do you have to do? Take a 10 minute walk once a week.  You don’t have to suit up in your spandex running gear, though if you got it, flaunt it. Just take a ten-minute walk in your neighborhood and bring along a plastic trash bag. It will change how you see your community. And you might get a few tips on lawn care while you’re at it!


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