Making Rain Barrels at Calvin Rodwell

When we held our first, Howard Park Rain Barrel Workshop back in 2014, 24 children and adults turned out on Saturday to make their own
rain barrels out of materials supplied by Blue Water Baltimore, a non-
profit group whose mission is to clean up Baltimore's water ways. 

The event was part of "Weekend School," a program of our Community School, organized by the Howard Park Partnership, a community-based organization funded by the Goldseker Foundation. The Partnership thanks Klein's ShopRite for providing scholarships for three families to participate.

Another workshop followed later in 2014. HPCA has helped participants install their rain barrels at their homes.

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Jeannette Wilson assembles her rain barrel with the assistance of John Marra of Blue Water Baltimore.

Jeannette grew up in the Howard Park area and still closely follows the exciting things happening in Howard Park. 
 Mical Unoko gets an assist with his rain barrel from a friend. The process of making the barrel is easy and is done with a few simple tools. It's knowing "where" to drill the holes that counts.

Once constructed and installed the barrels will collect 65 gallons of water that can be used to water gardens. A typical homeowner can save nearly 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months.
 Vonda Johnson drills a drain hole in her rain barrel.

The barrel will give Vonda, plenty of water for her vegetable garden this summer.

Because the water in the barrel is run off from rooftops it can not be used as drinking water.
 Robert Rogers gets an assist from Gerald White as he assembles his rain barrel.

The barrel will not merely collect 65 gallons of water with nearly every run off, but it keeps that water from our storm drains, thus easing the load on waste water processing. And in addition to gardening uses, the water is perfect for flower pots, car and window washing. 

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